Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mr. Gay Philippines

Hi guys, I have been busy with a lot of activities these days, juggling work and a new and exciting activity.

I joined the search for Mr. Gay Philippines and I am having the time of my life being one of the finalist.

We have photoshoots, press conference, fittings, personality training, a visit to the dermatoligist and lots of other fun and enjoyable activities.

I am a restless spirit and always on the look out for something to bring excitement and fun memories in my life. Joing this contest though is not easy for we have to project a positive image of the gay community, especially the Filipino gay community.

There are a lot of stereotypes and we will represent the other side of the spectrum, the straight acting gay men. However, this does not mean the other stereotypes will be excluded, but rather the winner will represent what a gay Filipino man is and how he will let the world acknowledge this.

The winner will be sent to L.A. USA to compete with the rest of the world for the Mr. Gay International Search.

I am no. 06 among the 21 candidates and hopefully I end up among the top. For I'd like to be the voice of my gay Filipino brothers and tell the world that we are one and the same, but with a twist, for Filipino gay men are the most loving, caring, and talented men in the world, right?


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