Saturday, August 04, 2007

Am Back!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Filipino Blog Of The Week Nominee

Hey guys, am nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week Award and I feel ecstatic!

Please do visit to vote for me, thanks! vote!

I may not be the best blog, but I do try to make mine as interesting and honest for you all!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Test Of Belief and Faith

Rarely do I encounter experiences and things that really shaken my belief and faith until I chance upon reading a novel by one of my favorite author, Anne Rice.

I have been an Anne Rice fan for quite sometime and her novels really filled up my long nights and boring days. I can find myself so engross that I sometimes spend a whole day just reading her book.

Then came this

Memnoch the Devil is about Lestat, the main character in her Vampire Chronicles, being chased down and recruited by the Devil himself. In the story, Memnoch, the Devil, or Satan had described in detail all of the history of Creation and the heavenly realms. The reasons why he was thrown down on earth, and questioned the authority of the Creator. At the same time incorporated in the story is the appearance of the Veil that Veronica used to wipe the blood and sweat on Christ's face when He fell down while carrying the cross.
The book really is a hard-to-put down novel and I myself got carried away and started to have sympathy to the Devil. That he, being thrown down on earth is just a matter of misunderstanding. That he just asked too many questions to God about His plans and His motives, until he himself tried to discover God's creation and learned from it. Then he fell in love with a woman, one of God's creation and experience making love where to his amazement is the closest thing to heaven one person can get and asked God too many WHY's.
My belief was kind of shaken while reading this and one can really rethink about what one have learned about the stories in the Old Testament whether they were true or not.
But alas, I reminded myself that this was just FICTION and the story is a make believe story but based on real facts for Anne Rice does a thorough research on literature, arts and history she will incorporate in her novels to make it more realistic and more enjoyable reading.
In the end, my belief is kept intact, my faith strong, but the power of words are amazing. The power of story telling leaves a deep impression and it is just a matter of how strong is your will to not to get persuaded or carried away.

A Photo Session 16

photography by Jay Plogman

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Just Reminiscing

I'm feeling kind of melancholic today for some reason, maybe because I'll be leaving for Saudi Arabia soon, or am missing a lot of people, family, friends and colleagues.

And the friends I made during the Mr. Gay Philippines Search. Well, like what Miss Barbra Streisand, a gay icon, sang "Some good things never last," but the memories will linger on.

I never thought that I'd be a part of something grand, a history made that day, the first ever of such event and it will forever be a part of me.

Here is a highlight, the Formal Wear competition.

I am candidate no. 6

Hilariously Entertaining

I'd like to share this you guys, I viewed it at Miong21's blog and enjoyed it. Hope you do too.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I always loved Enrique Iglesias, and who wouldn't? That charisma, that enchanting voice and a good personality at that.

Ever since I heard the song Bailamos, I get to like him.
Then he sang HERO and he took my breath away!

And then this news came out, in a concert in the States for GAY MEN and WOMEN, he was one of the guest artist, he sang the song but before that he asked the crowd whether they'd like a male or a female to come up the stage for him to serenade. Everyone cheered and yelled back a guy, then he said, "Okay, I'm going to be gay for a while." and he gamely picked a guy in the crowd. It was really great to watch him and hear him.

Soon good to great comments for him came out of newspapers and media. Everyone admired his sensibility, his courage and his becoming unprejudiced.

And I admire him greatly for that. Here's the clip:

Friday, June 22, 2007

A Good Deed A Day

Inspired by the mother of one of the coolest people I ever encountered at blogging. The Vegan Prince's mom, (see who shared a good deed she has done to a father and daughter felt so great afterwards that she chronicled it at her blogsite.

I would like to do my own good-deed-a-day thing. Really. At least one good deed for a day to anyone and to anywhere I might be. Mark Xander's (The Vegan Prince) mother is right. The world now is not that friendly, safe and comfortable to live in lately.

I don't have to do the specifics nor site samples and experiences. I may ran out of space here, but surely you know what I mean.
Just look around you, there are a lot of people that are candidates for a good deed act. It don't have to be grand, it don't have to be expensive, not even "attention worthy."

But an honest act of kindness that might not mean a thing to you, but to the person you done it with, can you imagine how that person will feel after?
One thing though, do not really think about it, just take the opportunity, the essence of doing a good deed might be lost if we are too conscious about expressing it.

I encourage all my friends here that come and visit to join me in this sentiment and who knows really, an act of kindness comes back tenfold, and God sees and God rewards, right?

So, a good deed a day and in this way, in our own way, we can make this world a little more better place to live in. What do you think?


(pic courtesy of offbeatmom blog)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Niece

My niece is so "biba" (I am still thinking of the translation in English, help me? lolz).
Very smart and fun to watch...check her pictures out, just like his uncle Carlo Magno, she LOVES being photographed.