Friday, April 13, 2007

A Puerto Galera Adventure

At last, I had experienced Puerto Galera. Finally I enjoyed my long Holy Week vacation.
Year after year, I always plan to go there, with some friends but often it didn't push through. But alas, with some fellow Mr. Gay Philippines candidates and organizers, I had my Puerto Galera moment. The trip was not that long nor bad, it was all worth it. After staying for at least six hours at the Batangas pier waiting for our ferry ride, we arrived at Puerto Galera, Mindoro at dawn. The shore was calm, the water, crystal clear and the sand, not white but cream colored, nevertheless nice. I brought my tent and so one of the candidates and we looked for a place to pitch them. We found an area by the shore and happily set up.
For four days we had a blast.
Playing beach volleyball, eating out, got ourselves henna tatooes (I got a dolphin on my chest!), walk around parading topless and feel the stares of the other beachcombers...lolz.
At night there were parties all around, lots of bars, disco, concerts, games,, fun, fun!
For three days straight also I always come to my tent drunk from the famous Mindoro Sling (a conconction of alcohol and fruit juices Puerto Galera bars are famous for) but it was good!

I also visited the famous "Jurassic Park" and the "Rockwell" where they say a lot of "happenings" commence every night and the wee hours of the morning.
One can really noticed that most beachcombers were "men" which was the beach is famous for also, for every Holy Week, most Bi and Gay men flock to this place to unwind, and "haunt." Ooh and a lot of them are there indeed. I can't help but gawk, grovel and stare at the hot bodies and gorgeous faces of men in almost their nakedness!


In the end, I tried, one sunset, to sit on a "banca" on the shore watch the sun slowly go down the horizon and reflect on my life and how blessed I was.

I closed my eyes and say a little prayer of thanksgiving to the Almighty for all the wonderful things He had done in my life. As that's the Holy Week is for ain't it?


Blogger Moiselle said...

hey email mo naman ako where did you pitch ur tent

thanks ha


10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Carlo
I entered to your page by accident I was looking info about Carlo Magno The one in History. But was a pleasure seen your page. You look gorgeous. Could you add a closer picture of you?
Thank you,
PS. I have a Philippine friend. He's great.

8:08 AM  

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